Full 13 inch round authentic Indian meditation cushions were made for you in the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh.  With a distinctive cushion within a cushion design, the inner cushion has a zipper opening revealing its filling of buckwheat hulls, which adjust as your body moves to give you consistent support  The shape of the hulls allows for air circulation helping to regulate temperature. The outer cover is embroidered with a beautiful lotus flower and has an easy carry jacquard trimmed handle.  
These unique cushions are unparalleled in design, construction, function, and comfort. Five inches high, the cylindrical design promotes proper spinal alignment and allows it to be used while sitting in either easy pose or rock pose, making it more versatile than other cushions. Durable fabric is canvas/cotton. The inner cover provides easy access to the filling so it can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Meditation Cushion (Purple)

  • Outer cover may be washed as needed.  Wash in cold water, gentle, hang dry.